Rainbow Bridge


Yesterday I draw a ladder,
from here to the rainbow bridge.
Then every night at midnight our bobtails,
can come back to us.


Our bobtails who are at the rainbow bridge have given us a lot of love. We think every day on our lovely dogs.
Ups and downs we have shared with them. Unfortunately have they left us much too soon and in some cases entirely

unexpected. Some day we will see them again at the Rainbow Bridge and together we go again playing around and kissing each other. 

Blue Giant Ruchieng Beauty Dogs               Silver Queen Ruchieng Beauty Dogs
Father: Rowhide’s Big Mobey Dick                    Father: Woodlane’s Bear Bobo               
Mother: Miss Maud Ruchieng Beauty Dogs        Mother
: Lady Laika v.h. Kitskenshof        
26 mei 1983- 10 juli 1990                              19 januari 1982- 24 april 1995


                    Fancy Fay of the Naughty Woolsacks       Happy Sue of the Naughty Woolsacks
Father: Vigilat’s Dear Davy’s Yori                 Father:Vigilat's Dear Davy's Yori 
                    Mother: Britley                                        Mother:Dushi
                    25 april 1995-05 januari 2008                     24 september 1995-15 februari 2009 

Champ.Trackery Island's  Happy Go Amy          Multichamp. Wiggly Scamp's Baron Baily

Father: Vigilat’s Dear Davy’s Yori                   Father:Bizzeeboots Quaterback
 Mother: Vigilat’s Madame de Pompadour            Mother:Trackery Island's Happy Go Amy
 7 april 1996-23 mei 2008 
                               11 augustus 1999-28 december 2009



Double Diamond Kate Take It Easy                                Champ.Trackery Island's Joung Master Ian
 Father:Ch.Sweet Expression's After Dark                             Father:Gizmo is Kehr Fully Wobbling Sound           

 Mother:The First Born To Take It Easy                                 Mother:Trackery Island's Byou          
 12 oktober 1998-8 augustus 2009                                      24 juli 1997 -2 februari 2010


Wiggly Scamp's Brand New Queeny
Father:      Bizzeeboots Quaterback
Mother:   Trackery Island's Happy Go Amy
11 augustus 1999 - 10 april 2013


Wiggly Scamp's Feeling Blue Foja 
Vader:  Ch.Youandi surpise surprise 
Moeder:Wiggly Scamp's Brand New Queeny

4 mei 2004- 30 juli 2012

Wiggly Scamp's Giddy Girl Go
vader: Ch.Trackery Island's Young Master Ian
Moeder:Wiggly Scamp's Brand New Queeny
16 april 2005 -14 juni 2014