If we feel that a bobtailfemale is mature enough for bobtailpups then we look for a suitable male.
We breed no more than one time each year pups born out a combination we find justified.

If you are interested in a puppy we should like it very much if you notify us.
Of course without any obligation.

We will tell you as much as possible about the puppies and parents.
Of course we like to know something about yourself.

In any case, we always like to get personally acquainted with the prospective new owners.
We want to make sure our puppies come in a nice family.
As new owners we like it a lot if  you manage to visit the the puppys as much as is it possible for you.
That is always the best way to get to know puppies.

The pups are born at home and grow in homely atmosphere together with our other dogs.
We do the puppies three times dewormed. At the age of 6 weeks they get their first vaccination against canine parvovirus and distemper.
With eight weeks is following a medical investigation on eye diseases.
Furthermore, they get chipt and registered in the NHSB (Raad van Beheer in Amsterdam).

Our puppies are often in contact with other people and children.This is important for proper imprinting and socialization.
With 8 weeks they go with Annemarie to her primary school. These are children from 7 and 8 years old.

We wait untill the pups are at least 6 weeks old before we make with the new owners a choice. We want that the right puppy comes in the right family. Of course we always take into consideration the personal preference of the family. We believe this is the best way to place a puppy properly.

We want that new owners know that they can always ask us for information and support as long as their bobtail lives.
Each puppy we have put in this world always remains one of our dogs, a Wiggly Scamp. For our dogs we stand always ready.

For information about the current litter, click on puppy news

 1998: A nest 4/3
Honey Sue of the Naughty Woolsacks X Wunderschön's Ismo

1999: B nest 6/4 

Trackery Island's Happy-Go Amy X Bizzeeboots Quarterback

2001: C nest 3/1
Double Diamond Kate Take it Easy X Wiggly Scamp's Baron Baily

2002: D nest 3/1
Trackery Island's Happy- Go Amy X Brwyn's Made Kehrfull in Heaven 

2003: E nest 2/2
Double Diamond Kate Take it Easy X Wiggly Scamp's Baron Baily


2004: F nest 2/5
Wiggly Scamp's Brand New Queeny X YouandI Surprise Surprise


2005 : G nest 2/1
Wiggly Scamp's Brand New Queeny X  Trackery Island's  Joung Master Ian


2007: H nest 2/2
Wiggly Scamp's Feeling Blue Foja X Cartouche of Snowboot Bears

2014 : I nest 3/6
Angel Miss Milly of Stone's X Venivici Lollypop