It was in 1977 when we saw our first bobtails on a dogpresentation in Geleen.We were very charmed with the spontanious character and their beautiful appearance.
At that time we lived in Sittard in an apartment on the third floor. We didn't want to keep these large dogs in an apartment and we waited until july 1981 before we got our first bobtail, our Queeny.

In these years we also became a member of the Old English Sheepdogclub Netherlands.

In 1980 , Paul started to work in Venlo and we moved to the north of Limburg
In Venlo we lived a year in a rental house with our Queeny. She liked to redecorated our just planted garden. In 1982 we bought our house in the small village Steyl near Tegelen where we still live up to today.

  The village Steyl at the river
                Our Home in Steyl

Paul likes bobtailbitches but he specially loves to see a beautiful bobtaildog.Therefore in 1983 our "Giant" joined us. Giant was his name worthy. He became a large blocked dog. Giant had a very lovely character. Unfortunately at the age of seven he died due to a fast growing bone-tumor.

Our Queeny was a happy active dog until her last day. She reached the age of thirteen.
Pictures of both of them are in the rainbow bridge

From 1995 we seriously started with showing.
We requested a name for our kennel because we wanted to start one for ourselves.
We decided to name our kennel Wiggly Scamp’s, in loving rememberance of our Queeny. She was a real thunderbolt.

Our first show dog was Honey Sue of the Naughty Woolsacks. We were so proud of our fourth place in the Euro-OES in 1996 in Assen in the puppy class. Suzie was not a real show dog. She had not enough stability for a showdog. In 1996 we became Trackery Island's Happy Go Amy. Our first champion dog with her biggest victory Best Junior at the Euro-OES in Bayreuth in 1997. Amy was just as we like to see a bobtail. A solid square dog that is suitable for the work which they were originally intended and a lovely character.
With Amy came the desire for bobtailbaby’s from her.

With Amy we bred our Billy. With the birth from our Billy in 1999 we decided not to coup the tails. Billy was the first ever youthfull dog with a tail that became Best in show on the young dogsday in 2001 of the OESClub Netherlands.

This “clown” became also champion in four countries and won the Championsclubmatches 2002 in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, all three in one year.


Our other mail dog Ian has also achieved several championship titles.
 Trackery Island's Joung Master Ian




Unfortunately dogs don’t become the same age with their bosses. In the years 2008 to 2010 we have lost  many of our lovely bobtails.

Of our old pedigree line, we had just one female left Wiggly Scamp's Giddy Girl Go, daughter of 
Wiggly Scamp's Brand New Queeny and Trackery Island's  Joung Master Ian.
She was
the best baby JHD in 2005. Then continued to grow and eventually became too large to participate successfully in shows.

Unfortunately She died in June 2014 at the age of 10 Years.