Our Dogs

For our dogs, we are always available. For us, nothing is more important as the welfare of our Bobtails. We have built a separate house for the dogs and girls.
We did this in order to isolate the men a little when a female is in heat. For bobtailboys and for us it's easier.
The dogs just sleep in their houses. During the day they are together outsite. Of course, not the females in heat.
In the evening al the dogs are inside the house. Comfortable in our family atmosphere and on the couch.
Every day we walk with the dogs. From Friday, we go all weekend days together in the woods.
If we go to an exhibition in the summer we go usually with our motorhome. This is really enjoying for the dogs. When it is possible, we take an extra day for walking.

Billy (Wiggly Scamp's Baron Baily) in our camper

We are delighted that our dogs want introduce us and we would like to introduce them of course.
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