Breed Policy

Our breeding policy

Health and character are our top priority, of course. We breed only in accordance with the rules of breeding of the OESCN. For us, this means that there must be a excellent combination of the hips. We look in the pedigrees back to the fifth generation. In addition, all breedingdogs get examined for eye diseases.
It is also very important that the characters match together.

A bobtail is traditional a shepherd dog.He has the duty to protect the herd.

The standard shows that the Bobtail must be free from any form of aggression. That is for us the
highest requirement. With dogs that have not a strong social character we do not breed.

Each new Bobtailowner is extensively informed by us about education, nutrition and care. Before a puppy is taken home you must know the basic principles of brushing a bobtail. To achieve this we organize brushingdays where our own dogs are "victims" .

Furthermore, we also want to know something about you (possible future owner of a puppy).
You want a lovely and healthy dog and we want a good owner for our puppies.